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In this article i am going to share my views on types 3D Printer Filaments.

3D printing filamentis the thermoplastic feedstock for fused deposition modeling 3D printers.

There are many types of filament available with different properties, requiring different temperatures to print. Filament is available in two standard diameters; 1.75 and 2.85 mm/3 mm.

Based on their properties and uses they are tagged at different prices ranging from $25 to $300 and more for 1kg of spool.

If you want to learn the different types of 3D printer filaments on the market, their purposes and edges against each other you are on the right page. Read further to learn more about 3D filaments-

Household and consumer goods,LEGO bricks,bicycle helmets and phone cases.

Food packaging, candy wrappers and disposable tableware.

Paper adhesive, thickener,packaging for dishwasher detergent pods or bags full of fishing bait.

Phone cases, jewelry, props, and electronics,food containers like cups and utensils .

Tools, functional prototypes, or mechanical parts (like hinges, buckles, or gears).

Electrical, mechanical, or automotive components, optical clarity in lighting projects or for screens.

Bowls, figurines, and awards,wooden box, wooden figurine.

Figurines, models, toys, and tokens,jewelry, and statues,

LEDs, sensors,Raspberry Pi,low-voltage circuitry applications and touch sensor projects

Halloween projects, decorations,wearable,toys and figurines.

Fridge magnets, sensors, actuators, magnetic stirrers.

Mechanical  components,protective casings, shells, high durability applications.

Toys, phone cases, or wearable perform well in harsher environments, like the outdoors.

Costumes, models, miniature figurines, prototyping

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)ranks as the second most popular 3D printer filament, after PLA. But that just means its the second most commonly used.It is used in a wide variety of applications due to its toughness and impact-resistance abilities. It is also strong and slightly flexible, which makes it a good material for 3D printing.

Print bed temperature: 80C 110C

Cheapest thermoplastic on the market

Favorite material in 3D printing community.

Petroleum-based non-biodegradable plastic

Requires a high temperature to reach a melting point (210C 250C)

Creates mild fumes, which may irritate users or the people in the surrounding

Polylactic acid or PLA is another popular filament that is often compared against ABS. PLA is biodegradable thermoplastic that is derived from renewable resources like cornstarch, sugar cane, tapioca roots and potato starch.First and foremost, itseasy to print with. PLA has a lower printing temperature than ABS, and it doesnt warp as easily, meaning it doesnt require a heating bed (although it definitely helps). Another benefit to using PLA is that it doesnt give off an evil smell during printing. Its generally considered anodorless filament, but many have reported smelling sweet,candy-likefumes.

Food safety: Based on the type and quality of filament.

Produces a sweet aroma that smells like waffles or candy when heated

Easiest material to work with, works well for beginners

Less prone to warping compared to ABS

Available in translucent and glow-in-the-dark colors

Prone to clogging or jamming the printer nozzle

Attracts water molecules, becoming brittle at times, difficult to print

Water saturated PLA needs a higher extrusion temperature

Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA)issoluble in water, and thats exactly what commercial applications take advantage of. Popular uses include packaging for dishwasher detergent pods or bags full of fishing bait.

PVA is easy to print and they make a good support during a printing process for those models with overhangs that is impossible to print without a support.

PolyEthylene Terephthalateor PET is another popular 3D filament from plastic bottles. This is a stable and harmless plastic. It does not produce any funky odors and is totally recyclable.PET filament in its original state is colorless and crystal clear. However, when exposed to heat or cold the material changes its transparency.

Three things 3D printer enthusiasts should keep in mind when using PETG:

. As this has a negative effect on printing, make sure to store the 3D printer filament in a cool, dry place.

during printing, making this 3D printer filament a poor choice for support structures, but good for layer adhesion. (Just be careful with the print bed!)

Strength, flexible, and biocompatibility. Not brittle nor prone to warp.

Does not shrink, can be printed on glass without any glues

FDA approved and impressive in bridging

Flexible than the widely popular materials ABS and PLA.

Absorbs water from the air (store this properly)

Requires fine-tuning of bed and nozzle temperature

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