3D printing is used in different areas,it will need different filaments.Except PLA,resin,metal powder which are well known,in recent years, there are many breakthrough 3D printing materials.Now lets have a look below various of the lastest 3D Printing Filaments

This new filament can reduce printing trace,improve surface finish,and suit for large range of printing temperature,and high usability.Besides,the glass transition temperature of NGen can be over 85 degrees,and thermostability is two times on standard PLA material. Besides, this filament quality for desktop 3D printer user can compare with the filament used by industry 3D printer.

TPU material is specially developed for SLS 3D printing technical design.Its hardness level is 65A(shore hardness).It is widely used in complex geometrical shape.As it is very soft at the time of thin (can reach the minimum thickness of 1.2 mm),and very hard at the time of think.So this material is suitable for using in medical,fashion area and so on.

It is said,this named C3 material is multi-layer elastic material made by 3D printer.It has usage of absorption and dissipating the impact,then reduce the head damage,multiple concussions and permanent brain damage.It has big impact on the safety of professional or amateur football players.

C3 elastic material can do simulation test in super computer.It can be customized by specific shock.The workers can design all kinds of versions to test before printing out through multi-materials system.

This material supports 3D printing technical of stereo lithography.It can print out more complex ceramic product by UV and pre-made templates. The speed is the 100 to 1000 times faster than  the traditional stereo lithography.

Talking of safety,the risk of the most 3Dprinting filamentsin the market is same as the other raw  plastic material.Before,Korea 3D printer manufacture ROKIT and Kolon Plastics cooperated,and declared that they researched and developed the first 100% non-toxic new type printing filament in the world.

This non-toxic filament is named Kitchen and Deco,no bisphenola. It is said by ROKIT,this filament is conformed to the strict requirement of food material which is formulated by the US food and drug administration. It is not including any carcinogens or endocrine disrupting chemicals.ROKIT confirms to consumers that this filament can be used to print kitchen wares,even baby feeding bottle.

Polywood is not the true wood material.It is a strong flexibility imitation wood printing material.The structure and appearance is imitated to wood.Its printing status is similar to the PLA currently.

Meanwhile,polywood is a not easy to break and strong flexibility printing material.This filament can meet our requirement of wood printing products,and can ensure the flexibility of printing products,then it can meet the consumers need on some special printing products.

Currently the materials which are used on 3D laser printer are divided into the metal base material,polymer materials and inorganic non-metallic materials.The Guo Yanling professor research group from the Northeast Forestry University proposed innovative imagine that using straw,leaves  rice husk,plant fiber and so on to be 3D printing filament.They successfully pushed out new type 3D laser printing filament,and achieved 3 patents for invention and a number of practical new type patents.Guo Yanling professor introduced,comparing with other three 3D printing material,the agriculture and forestry waste powder composite 3D printing filaments is more energy conservation and environmental protection.Its cost is very low and value -add is amazing.It is introduced,this new material has independent intellectual property rights,high machining precision,low cost,and energy conservation and environmental protection.It is named the fourth 3D laser printing material.

To realize 3D printing technical to increase constantly,the most important factor is material optional.Many market research institutions said,the global printing material market will reach 1.4 billion US dollars market capacity in 2020.It is believed that we will continue to see more new material bored.

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