complete desktop filament recycler. Featuring integrated grinding and spooling, automatic computer control, and full safety certification. Create 3D printing filament sustainably, on demand, for free.

After a successful Indiegogo campaign, were now accepting orders.Buy Your ProtoCycler Today!

ProtoCycler is a home filament extruder that lets you create your own ink for your 3D printer at little to no cost.

Check out these awesome features

Up to 10x more energy efficient than competitors

Easy to use ABS and PLA presets included

Extrudes at speeds between 5 and 10 feet per minute

Create your own settings to experiment with other plastics

ProtoCycler comes with a built in grinder. Printer messed up? Need to update your design? Just dont like it? Grind it up and recycle it, safely and easily, until its exactly what you want!

Sure, you can order colored filament. But what about that particular shade of blue youre thinking of? Models that change color throughout? ProtoCycler does all of this and more.

ProtoCycler is intelligently controlled and fully automated, for professional quality filament every time. Manual mode, full documentation, and a support forum let you experiment with confidence.

ProtoCycler was designed from the ground up for homes, education, and makers. MixFlow™ eliminates the chance of a frozen up extruder and makes startup and shutdown a breeze. It also allows us to extrude at 5 ft/min or more with industry leading tolerances even with PLA! None of the competition even comes close and its still 10 times more energy efficient. Did we mention it was a major breakthrough?

Its faster. It allows better control on diameter. It even lets ProtoCycler know exactly how many feet of PLA or ABS filament youve extruded so far, so it can spool your filament for you. Speaking of which

No one wants to extrude 1500 ft of ABS or PLA filament, just to have to spool it by hand or with a drill. So ProtoCycler spools your filament for you, on any spool, big or small. Youre Welcome.

Success on Indiegogo means we now accept orders.Buy Your ProtoCycler Today.

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