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Print it right with Spool3D PLA 3D printer filament. Our PLA thermoplastic filament is manufactured with tight tolerances from premium grade material. Our filament has been tested on popular fused filament fabrication desktop 3D printer platforms.

PLA filament is an excellent material for a beginner to start with, as it typically doesnt require a heated bed and has the added benefit of being a bioplastic, typically derived from corn. Low odour and consistently round diameters make this material very easy to work with.

PLA filament should be stored in a resealable plastic bag with thedessicant packprovided.

Please see our filament temperature guide here:Spool3D Temperature Guide

Please see our full colour palette here:Spool3D Colour Palette

1.75 mm plastic PLA filament(Polylactic Acid; tolerance +/- 0.04mm)

Optimum extrusion temperature: 190-230 degrees celsius

Consistently provides excellent build quality for low cost 3D printing.

Included in the box: 1kg spool of PLA175-10001GRY filament, vacuum packaged in plastic with dessicant

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Not certain if my old PLA spool got worn out or dried out, but out of the box, this one felt different. A nice level of stiffness while still being flexible. The light grey PLA doesnt seem to bleach out from heat like my dark red spool that was orange in reality. Prints like a DREAM! Once you find good settings, and have a sturdy printer, this will print beautifully. I tend to leave it a little hot at 230C with heated bed, but Ive printed at the same quality with the nozzle at just 200. I only prefer it for strength and ease. Needs little in the way of retraction, even on a delta with a 60cm Bowden tube.

TL;DR: I keep getting impressed by the models Im printing. Everything prints beautifully!

+sticks to glass bed with just hairspray

-requires some cooling time after print

I have been getting great results running 60mm/s at 195 degrees. It was shipped within a couple of hours of ordering.

Posted byBradenon September 09, 2017

Goes down without issue, and Ive been able to print it pretty fast so far. Still adjusting extrusion temperature, but 195-200 seems like a good compromise between speed and print quality at 60 mm/s. Sanded well but havent put any paint or primer on it yet. Will buy again.

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