Innofil3D PLA prints fantastic and is available in 24 vibrant RAL colors.

Innofil3D EPR InnoPET easy as PLA but much stronger.

Innofil3D ABS is a reliable building material. Available in 9 RAL colours.

Special filaments from flexible to water-soluble.

A product range containing filaments made from recycled materials.

Professional Series gives 3D printing professionals the competitive edge.

3D Printed Transformers Optimus Prime by Juri

We saw the making of this amazing piece on theInstagram account of Juri we contacted him to get some picture os his 3D Printed Transformers Optimus Prime.

Made on the Ultimaker 2 Extended and the Ultimaker 2Go and is 20cm tall.

His reaction (and Juri; Thanks for your kind words!);

This Transformers Optimus Prime was fully designed by myself. it was mostly inspired by the 80s cartoon series and its printed with your filament.

I have to say that Im a huge fan of your products. Ive tried some other brands but decided to do my designs with your filaments.

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