Hughes Equipment manufactures and sells a full line of innovative food processing equipment and machines that make food processing and handling operations more efficient and productive.

We manufacture equipment for processing all kinds of produce for the fresh market, prepared foods, canning, frozen foods and seed sectors. Our machines are used to process vegetables, fruit, pasta, rice, meat and other foods.

Food processors throughout the world rely on Hughes Equipment for solutions to their food processing and handling needs.

Hughes Equipment engineers are continually working on new designs that make our customers the most efficient food processors with the highest quality produce. Our goal is to be your partner in processing top quality produce in the most efficient manner.

Because our customers are able to operate more efficiently with our machines, they gain cost advantages in the market.

Genuine replacement parts from Hughes are precision crafted to our exact machine specifications. That means they are guaranteed to fit our food processing units. Precision parts are manufactured with computer-controlled lathes, machining centers and laser cutters. Call us in the at 1- (toll-free, U.S. only) or 1- for your parts orders.

• All other parts for our equipment and other makes

Contact the innovative experts at Hughes Equipment to learn how we can partner with your company to achieve maximum operating efficiency and quality. Call toll-free in the U.S.,or, outside of the U.S. at+1-.

The Hughes Equipment waterless peeler and scrubber for food processing systems improves yield and reduces water costs. This unit peels potatoes, carrots and onions, and scrubs steamed potatoes, pretreated tomatoes, steamed beets and corn for chips and tortillas. We also offer a peeler/washer, featuring an all-hydraulic drive system.

Hughes Company has down-sized the standard husker design to offer a manually fed unit for fresh market corn or fresh frozen corn. Additionally, the husker can be used to remove stems and trash from fruit (typically citrus and apples), and vines, tops and trash from potatoes, beets, radishes, onions and carrots.

The Mixed Vegetable Distribution System from Hughes Equipment evenly and efficiently mix a variety of vegetables in food processing operations. The system consists of variable numbers of hoppers, tote dumpers volumetric feeders, cluster busters, a collection conveyor, a mixing reel and an operator platform.

Hughes Equipment Co. offers many different varieties of husker rolls in different materials and designs. Depending on the application, rolls are offered in both rubber and urethane compounds.

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