Personal injury lawyers handle many types of cases. They represent clients who were seriously hurt in car and motorcycle accidents, slip-and-fall incidents and in other hazardous situations. An individual who needs to hire an injury attorney may want to read Craig Swapp reviews to learn details about one particular lawyer.

The Issue of Negligence

Many of these harmful incidents have the underlying factor of someone else’s recklessness or carelessness. Since Utah is a no-fault state in regard to automotive insurance, that is not necessarily a factor in a car accident. Each person’s car insurance pays for medical expenses and lost wages, even if someone else caused the accident.

With injuries that happen on someone else’s property, however, the owner should be held responsible if the premises were unsafe for visitors, residents or employees. Store floors cannot be wet and slippery without a caution sign alerting people of the hazard. Torn carpeting on a stairway in an office should be repaired, and uneven pavement near the entry to a commercial building should be resolved.

Settlement vs. Court Trial

Accident lawyers usually settle cases out of court, but they also are willing to proceed to trial if the insurer will not settle for a reasonable amount. The knowledge that an attorney may file a lawsuit and bring the case in front of a jury is typically strong motivation for the insurance company to cooperate.

A Cautionary Word

Some individuals have the misconception that they are likely to win millions of dollars at trial because of an injury that took them six or seven months to recover. The accident lawyer negotiates for the insurer to pay all medical expenses, including estimated future expenses. Lost wages should be compensated. There may be some intangible factor that the insurer will be willing to compensate, such as emotional trauma and physical pain.

However, multi-million dollar court awards usually only occur in some of the worst-case scenarios. The client should not expect this outcome unless a disabling or disfiguring injury was experienced. Examples include the need for limb amputation, serious burn scarring and paralysis that confines the person to a wheelchair.