Then if you operate according to the following 11 points, it will achieve a certain effect.

1. Charge is full. Generally speaking, after charging for two hours, the mobile phone will show that the charging has been completed, and the actual charging amount reaches 80% of the total amount, so it is recommended to add another half hour on this basis.

2. Don’t switch the machine too often, it is best to switch once a day, that is, when you sleep at night. It takes a lot of electricity to start up 24 hours, but frequent switches also cost electricity.

3. Turn off some operation sounds that do not affect normal use after being removed.

4. Select the appropriate ringtone type, whether it is an incoming call or an alarm clock or a text message. It is recommended to use vibration or ringtones. It is best not to select the ringtone after shaking first.

5. Appropriately reduce the screen brightness, which can be said to be two-way, saving power and protecting the eyes.

6. Adjust the backlight time, it is recommended to adjust to 15 seconds, mainly because the strip is too long and not too much use. Shorten it even if Beijing is used when it is used, it can be lit by other keys.

7. Standby use picture standby, give up animation standby.

8. Cancel the short message loop reminder. Because there is an urgent need to make a phone call, I will never send a text message. That is to say, if it is a text message, it will not matter if I see it later.

9. As far as possible, the slide operation is performed as much as possible. The general nature of browsing text messages and answering the phone are directly performed when the slide cover is closed. This not only helps to save electricity, but also protects the protection of the cable inside the mobile phone.

10. Turn off the infrared function. The Samsung infrared protocol is very low, and the mobile phone has almost no effect when it is transmitted. It is still good to shut down. It can be turned on manually after the computer communicates with the computer.

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