Today, with the increasingly diversified fashion elements, men’s neutralization and feminization have been recognized by many people. A fashion male star even threatened to make himself a sexy girl. But many men also sneered at this trend. Indeed, the most primitive difference between human beings is men and women, so the real man is certainly not interested in feminine styles, and they usually call this style “sissy.” When choosing a mobile phone, these “girly” models are never considered by them. Today, the author classifies these “sissy” models as purchase contraindications, and makes a reference for these real men.

Taboo 1: Shell machine

Forbidden models: Sony Ericsson Z610i, Z300c, Z258c, Z320c, etc.

Shell machine, it sounds so feminine. The small clamshell models that are round and round, have always been the real men. Like the current popular Sony Ericsson Z610i, open the pink version does not say, just the crystal clear and pearly round and lovely shape, it is a difference of ten thousand miles with the man.

In addition to the shape, the Motorola V8 2G is also very attractive for men. This 2G version of the Motorola V8, the general version of the V8’s 512M memory is upgraded to 2G, for a reluctant friend to eat a reassurance. The Linux operating system used, the third-party software is also quite rich, and the playability is very high.related articles china mobile.html