Top Workout Apps for Women Who are Over Fifty Years of Age

As one gets older, the need to work out increases. At the age of fifty years and beyond, women really need to practice a workout routine even though it is hard to schedule a daily or weekly routine to do this. Even though most women have a craving of being apart and a group together where they can talk and relate at the gym, it is still hard and to some almost impossible due to time. In life there are certain things that mess up with scheduling making it hard to join yoga class or a gym calling for the need to have a contingency plan. With advancements in technology, there are applications that can help out with this. The following are twelve incredible apps that women at fifty can use to workout.

The first application is known as Yoga Poses. This application provides these women with at least two hundred and fifty poses that can be done in yoga that come in video demonstrations and also modifications for those starting the program and also contains comprehensive explanations about the remunerations of each yoga pose provide for.

The Endomondo app is also part of these apps that are meant to help women beyond fifty to work out and stay healthy. This app uses global positioning system to do the monitoring via Google maps.

The Gixo is also an incredible work out application that provides you with exercise routines anywhere anytime no matter what you are engaged in. The Gixo App allows for live groups and range of classes based on time.

Moving on to another terrific workout app is the Daily burn application. This app features abilities to monitor calorie intake and the amount of exercise you do.

We also have the FitnessBuilder workout app. The FitnessBuilder app gives the opportunity to do self-training keeping records and track and also compare them to those of your friends.

It is said that you are your own gym and this is another incredible workout app. With this app, you can gain access to quite a number of weightlifting exercises and have videos to help you through this.

Still counting the number of work out apps, we have the Yoga Wake Up application. The routines are quite easy and can be performed right after sleep early in the morning just as the name suggests.

The 7 minute workout app for cardio training and body training even with those with quite tight schedules.

The Pilate anytime work out app makes work out routines very simple and you can watch them from anywhere anytime and get to work.

The Couch to 5k Running App allows for a nine weeks workout routine where one has to run at least three times a week for a duration of thirty minutes.

This work out application gives you the permission to add weights in training routines to stay flexible and also maintain muscle mass.

To close the list, there is My Fitness Pal that sees you tracking your diet, your calories and also the exercises you do.

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