Reasons to Build a Pole Barn Home

If you build a pole barn home, then you will have an affordable, fully customized home which you could build anywhere. If you want to have a big house or a small house depends on you. Here are some good reasons why you should build a pole barn home for your family.

A pole barn have a very big space inside. It is not necessary to put up weight-bearing interior walls in a pole barn home. The roof is also built out of trusses which enables you to have high-rise ceilings. If you want an open floor plan style, then this home is for you.

Pole barns are also low in cost. Take away tens of thousands of dollars from the amount you spend on a stick-frame house and that is what you pay for your pole barn home. You can easily get home financing with this factor. When the structure of your pole barn home is built, then it is up to your to complete depending on your budget.

Pole barn homes are simple homes. In a pole barn home, the foundation is simply a monolithic slab of concrete which can be prevented from cracking if the concrete is level and cut uniformly. Setting posts deep into the ground and pouring cement is the next thing to do after building its foundation. When the concrete has set, you can then set up your exterior walls by using the upright posts as your anchors. You then set trusses across the structure from post to post. The remaining roof framework can then be built in. Then the metal wall and roof panels are applied.

Because it has no load-bearing walls, your pole barn has a malleable interior. The weight of the building rests of the upright posts and trusses. Your walls don’t need to be permanent because they are not load bearing. IF you want to improve on the layout of your home, it will then be easy to do it.

Pole barns can be built on any kind of terrain. Because the foundation of the pole barn home does not require continuous pours, the initial site work is not as intensive as stick-frame houses. There is no need to level or flatten the ground before you start building. It is then easy to build your dream home.

IT is easy to add an extension to your pole barn exterior since it has a simple and easy construction method. The process for adding extension is similar to your initial construction. You simply need to plant new upright posts and build on once they have set. It is also simple to deconstruct. If you unfasten the wall panels and excess materials, then you can deconstruct your additions.

There are more reasons why you should build a pole barn, but the reasons given above are enough to convince you why it is beneficial to build one for yourself.