3D printing Future Food!

Ever wanted to learn more about 3D printed food? Nows your chance. You can savour some printed delicacies and learn about the possibilities for this tasty technology at DeFactos 3D food printing workshop.

To jump-start their education campaigns, with the help of Hub3D, DeFacto is organising an day of 3D printing, animatedly entitled, Future Food!. It will provide the opportunity for everyone to celebrate and become educated on the wonders of 3D printing and more importantly to find out what it means for the of future of our hungry bellies.

The event features a 3D printed chocolate art zone to create custom shaped chocolates, a multi-media room to introduce you to the latest 3D printed food projects, and a 3D printed cookie cutter competition.

You will also have the chance to ask any questions you might have about 3D printing technology.

S9-105 Dangdai MOMA 1 Xiangheyuan Str. Doncheng

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3D food-printing developed in Cambridge

Producing food by printing it, rather than growing it, could be one way to solve the global food problem, some experts believe.

The Cambridge-based company Dovetail is developing 3D food printing that produces creative food from a variety of pre-packaged liquids or raw ingredients.

The printer – costing about the same as a high-end food mixer, according to the company – can print food, on demand, at the touch of a smartphone.

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