How 3D printed food could help to end world hunger

Three-dimensional printing has burst onto the technological scene with a lot of promise. The past 30 years have seen rapid advances in the quality of printers, how long it takes to print a finished object, and how affordable a machine is. In addition, there is now greater diversity in the materials that you can use to print objects and there are more people creating and sharing designs. It is an exciting environment, but up until now most of the objects to come out of printers have been plastic toys. There is so much potential in the combination of advanced CAD software and mechanical extruders. For example, some cutting-edge researchers are attempting a new idea: 3D-printed food. This could solve world hunger if someone can figure out how to do it cost-effectively.

The world faces a population crisis. The human population will reach 10 billion by mid-century, andsome experts expect even more. Anjan Contractor, a senior mechanical engineer at Systems and Materials Research Corporation (SMRC), believes that he has found a potential solution. Contractor is planning to reduce the primary nutrients in food the fats, proteins, and carbs to powder. He believes that the substance can then be mixed with oils and water to make food substitutes by way of a 3D printer extruder. The end goal is a sustainable and safe way for people to make food in the event that they do not have access to fresh ingredients. Furthermore, Contractor hopes to tackle individual dietary needs. With a 3D printer, people could make different food out of the same ingredients. Recipes would be made freely available and open-source so anyone can use them. Contractor has wona grant from NASAto pursue his idea and create a working model of a 3D printer that can make food. Up first, pizza for astronauts.

The idea of using 3D printers to make food is not originally Contractors. Many scientists have discussed how it would work and what the advantages might be. Two scientists in particular Jeffrey I. Lipton, a Cornell Ph.D. candidate in engineering and Hod Lipson, a Cornell engineering professor agree that humanity needs to produce much more food in the coming decades. Lipson looked to thedemocratization of the printing processas a strength. Printers are becoming cheap enough forhome use, and people can now experiment with them. In addition, the recipes are free and easy to share, because they are little more than lists of machine instructions. Those two factors should inspire a burst of creativity that will lead to more innovation coming out of the printing field. Lipton, on the other hand, saw the potential for makingcustomized or modified food. He envisioned a world where parents could print out healthy food in novelty shapes for their kids. The possibility of making food as needed might also reduce food costs by cutting out a lot of middlemen. However, these points about customized diets are still a little unfounded.

There is agreement among scientists that this demographic crisis is coming, but less agreement on what to do about it. Many biologists have noted the high degree ofprotein present in insects. There are many insects that die every day, so why not use their bodies as a protein source? Combining this with Contractors idea means we might be able to truly deliver a new food experience, withprotein derived from insects, which could form the basis of the protein powders. There are other types of protein, but insects are very nutrient-dense and easy to find. One of the main reasons to doubt 3D printing is that you still need to create and refine the ingredients. A 3D printer cannot grow crops, at least not yet. That means there is still a layer of processing steps, which might be energy or resource-intensive. It is very important not to crown one method supreme because it is clear that just one will not be enough to solve the impending food crisis.

While 3D printing for the masses is still in its infancy, there are some very interesting developments on the way. This goal of making food come from a powder is unlikely to hit mass-market acceptance. Over time, though, it might become necessary if people ever develop a need for food that will last longer. Sooner or later, people will begin to share recipes for 3D-printed food. At first, it will be nothing more than a novelty. Over time, however, it will grow until it is a major part of our food supply, or so these scientists believe. Other demographers predict adeclining populationinstead. The pursuit of 3D-printed food could lead to a second Green Revolution in food production.

*** Matthew Young is a freelance tech journalist and blogger hailing from Boston. He is passionate about new, emerging tech in the industry. When Matthew is not busy writing about awesome new technology, he usually spends time fiddling with his camera and learning a thing or two about photography. You can reach Matthew on Twitter @mattbeardyoung ***

BY: JESSICA BEUKER  In an environmentally-friendly move by Scotlands Government, the country is looking to ban, both the manufacture and sale o

For Canadians, free health care doesnt come without a price

Its a Nice Day for a Green Wedding Environmental Matrimony

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This 3D Crosswalk Uses an Optical Illusion to Slow Drivers

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This 3D Crosswalk Uses an Optical Illusion to Slow Drivers

two women designed a 3D crosswalk thats safer (+ cooler)

Crosswalks are meant to tell drivers to yield to pedestrians, but too often theyre treated as a suggestion rather than a rule. If the possibility of hitting someone isnt enough to slow speeding drivers, two artists from Gujarat, India are hoping this sneaky optical illusion will do the trick.

AsWIREDreports, Saumya Pandya Thakkar and daughter Shakuntala Pandya have teamed up to redesign the classic white-striped crosswalk to look like roadblocks jutting up from the street. To drivers on the highway in the west Indian city of Ahmedabad, the shapes will look like three-dimensional structures from far away. But the artists say the illusion fades as cars get closer, so it shouldnt lead to any motorists slamming on their breaks to avoid crashing into something that isnt there.

Highway officials have experimented with similar 3D crosswalks designs here in the states. A few years ago, theOklahoma Department of Transportationtransformed the plain white blocks of one crosswalk by painting brightly colored shapes around them to give them the illusion of being raised from the rest of the street. Parts ofChicagohave also featured eye-catching3D markingssince the beginning of the decade. Theres still no comprehensive research about whether these designs are actually effective. But in India, a country wheretraffic-related deaths are on the rise, experimenting with safer road signage cant hurt.

Tricky Crosswalk Stops Drivers With Optical Illusion & Famous Crosswalk is 6 White Stripes @

+1 888.2DO.BIAS USA! (@18882DOBIAS)April 25, 2016

For drivers in the Upper Midwest, traveling during the winter can range from slightly unsettling to deadly. Between 2011 and 2015, according to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Auto Insurance Center, an average of800 fatalitiesoccurred annually as a result of weather-related accidents. Icy roads, poor visibility, and other factors can make cold-weather commuting a dicey proposition.

While we cant control the weather (yet), we can increase our odds of navigating slush-filled roadways successfully. Mental Floss spoke with American Automobile Association (AAA) driving education expert William Van Tassel, Ph.D., for some key tips on how to get your winter driving in gear.

Before you even start your car up for a trip through inclement weather, Van Tassel recommends you pack a worst-case scenario trunk full of supplies. In case of emergency, you want things on board like water, a blanket, a flashlight, gloves, and kitty litter, he says. (That last one is for traction in case you get stuck in a snowbank.) You should also have road flares, a shovel, an ice scraper, and a fully-charged cell phone to call for assistance if needed.

Posted speed limit signs assume youre driving on clear and clean roadways. If snow or ice has accumulated, you need to adjust your speed accordingly. In slick conditions, tires lose a lot of traction, Van Tassel says. You should be cutting your speed down by half or more. Unfortunately, a lot of people learn this the hard way. After a snowstorm, well see more crashes on day one than days two or three.

Van Tassel also cautions to avoid becoming overconfident on snow tires. While they provide better traction in bad weather, its not license to speed up.

You should be doing this regardless, but bad weather makes it even more crucial. Keep your vehicle at a safe distance from cars behind, in front, and off to the sides, as well as away from pedestrians or cyclists. If you need to brake suddenly, you need timeand spaceto avoid a collision. You really want more space in front, Van Tassel says. Try to stay between seven and 10 seconds behind the vehicle ahead. That means seeing a landmark and thencounting downuntil you pass the same marker. If youre only a few seconds behind, youre too close.

That was an old rule of thumb, Van Tassel says. The problem is, by the time I remember to steer into a skid, Im already in a ditch. If you feel your vehicle sliding, its better to steer in the direction you want to go. Youll drive where you look, so dont look at a telephone pole.

To help maintain control of the car, you want to focus on doing one thing at a time. If youre going through a turn, brake, finish braking, then turn. Dont brake and turn at the same time.

Yep, even in broad daylight. Bad weather limits visibility, and headlights allow both you and your fellow drivers to orient a vehicle. Youre twice as visible to other drivers that way, Van Tassel says. When people can see you, they can avoid you.

Van Tassel also recommends that drivers avoid relying on fancy car technology to keep them safe. While blind spot monitoring and lane changing sensors are useful, theyre not there so you can zone out. The tech is there to back you up if you need it. Drive the car, but dont rely on those things, he says.

Douglas Grundy, Three Lions/Getty Images

This 1940 Film on Road Maps Will Make You Appreciate Map Apps Like Never Before

Douglas Grundy, Three Lions/Getty Images

In the modern era, we take for granted having constantly updated,largelyaccurate maps of just about every road in the world at our fingertips. If you need to find your way through a city or acrossa country, Google Maps has your back. You no longer have to go out and buy a paper map.

But to appreciate just what a monstrous task makingroadmaps and keeping them updated was in decades past, take a look at this vintage short film, Caught Mapping, spotted at the Internet Archive byNational Geographic.

The 1940 film, produced by the educational and promotional companyJam Handy Organization(which created films for corporations like Chevrolet), spotlights the difficult task of producing and revising maps to keep up with new road construction and repair.

The film is a major booster of the mapmaking industry, and those involved in it come off as near-miracle workers. The process of updating maps involved sending scouts out into the field to drive along every road and note conditions, compare the roads against topographical maps, and confirm mileage figures. Then, those scouts reported back to the draughtsmen responsible for producing revised maps every two weeks. The draughtsmen updated the data on road closures and other changes.

Once those maps were printed, they were ready to give folks a good steer, as the films narrator puts it, quietly determining the success of anyroad tripin the country.

Presto! and right at their fingertips, modern motorists can have [information] on any road they wish to take. A modern marvel, really.

Got Insurance? You Still May Want to Pay Cash For Your Medication

Yes, Dogs Can Get the Flu. Heres What You Should Know About It

Want to Switch Careers in 2018? These Are the 25 Best Jobs in America Right Now

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Happiness Guarantee.,text:Home Services,columnBreak:1,items:[subtext:PC set up, iPhone repair, TV installation,text:Computer & Electronics,url:/Computers-Electronics-Services/b/ref=nav_shopall_localsvs_ce?ie=UTF8&node=,subtext:Furniture assembly, Leaky faucet,text:Home Improvement & Repair,url:/In-Home-Services/b/ref=nav_shopall_localsvs_home?ie=UTF8&node=,text:Assembly,url:/Furniture-Assembly-Services/b/ref=nav_shopall_localsvs_assembly?ie=UTF8&node=,dividerBefore:1,text:Cleaning,url:/Cleaning-Services/b/ref=nav_shopall_localsvs_cleaning?ie=UTF8&node=,text:Plumbing,url:/Plumbing-Services/b/ref=nav_shopall_localsvs_plumbing?ie=UTF8&node=,text:Electrical,url:/Electrical-Wiring-Services/b/ref=nav_shopall_localsvs_electrical?ie=UTF8&node=,text:Home Theater,url:/Home-Theater-Setup-Installation-Services/b/ref=nav_shopall_localsvs_hometheater?ie=UTF8&node=,subtext:Available in select cities,text:All Services,url:/services/ref=nav_shopall_localsvs_all]],AndroidPanel:promoID:nav-sa-android,template:name:itemList,data:text:Appstore for Android,items:[text:Appstore for Android,items:[subtext:Shop over 800,000 apps and games,text:All Apps and Games ,url:/mobile-apps/b/ref=nav_shopall_adr_app?ie=UTF8&node=2350149011,subtext:Shop new, bestselling, and free games,text:Games,url:/Games/b/ref=nav_shopall_adr_gam?ie=UTF8&node=9209902011,subtext:Spend Less, Play More,text:Amazon Coins,url:/coins/ref=nav_shopall_adr_coins,subtext:Install on your Android phone,text:Download Amazon Appstore,url:/gp/feature.html/ref=nav_shopall_adr_dl?ie=UTF8&docId=1003016361,dividerBefore:1,subtext:Kindle, Shopping, MP3, IMDb, and more,text:Amazon Apps,url:/gp/feature.html/ref=nav_shopall_adr_amz?ie=UTF8&docId=1000645111,subtext:View your apps and manage your devices,text:Your Apps and Devices,url:/gp/mas/your-account/myapps/ref=nav_shopall_adr_yad]],wishlistContent:template:name:itemList,data:items:[text:Create a List,url:/gp/registry/wishlist/ref=nav_wishlist_create?ie=UTF8&triggerElementID=createList,text:Find a List or Registry,url:/gp/registry/search/ref=nav_wishlist_find,text:Find a Gift,url:/gcx/Gifts-for-Adults/gfhz/ref=nav_wishlist_gf,subtext:Install Amazon Assistant,text:Save Items from the Web,url:/gp/BIT/ref=nav_wishlist_bit_v2_a0032?ie=UTF8&bitCampaignCode=a0032,text:Wedding Registry,url:/wedding/home/ref=nav_wishlist_wr,text:Baby Registry,url:/baby-reg/homepage/ref=nav
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Foodini The future of food is 3D printed

Ready to taste the future of food? A Barcelona based food agency rolling out.Thats right. Printed food, like pizzas, bugers, and spaghetti. 3D food printer Foodini is the next big thing in food-tech: different from all other 3D food printers, Foodini is going to make preparing food healthier, easier, and so much fun.

foodprinters.jpg(16.89 KB, Downloads: 0)

Foodini is a new generation kitchen appliance promoting cooking with fresh ingredients and healthy eating through the use of food-grade/safe materials. It comes equipped with five re-usable, stainless steel food capsules that enable you to print an unlimited amount of ingredients and prepare all sort of dishes the only limit is your fantasy, really.Thanks to this open capsule model, consumers can place fresh ingredients into their printer and are not forced to buy pre-packaged food capsules, but they can simply use what they have available at home or buy their own local, organic ingredients.Also, you dont have to wait hours for dinner: cooking times range from under a minute to a couple of hours for very complex foods.

images (5).jpeg(5.46 KB, Downloads: 0)

Foodini encourages healthy eating. Its main purpose is to take on the difficult and time-consuming parts of food preparation that often discourage people from creating homemade food and offer a slightly different proposition to consumers: dont buy pre-processed snacks and meals! Get back to home cooking with fresh ingredients! Well, you werent expecting this from a 3D printing device, were you? Foodinis founders are extremely clear in this regard: it is real food, just 3D printed.

images (6).jpeg(23.68 KB, Downloads: 0)

You might be wondering: can I buy it? Where? How much will it cost? Well, good news is that yes, you can definitely buy it. Foodini is now in production and can be purchased via the Natural Machines website and soon through select distributors, too. Bad news is that it is available, for now, to select early-access customers only. Natural Machines main focus is professional kitchen users first, but a consumers-ready cooking version will be available for home kitchen users soon.

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Ready to taste the future of food? A Barcelona based food agency rolling out Foodini, a 3D food printer.Thats right. Printed food, like pizzas, bugers, and spaghetti. 3D food printer Foodini is the next big thing in food-tech: different from all other 3D food printers, Foodini is going to make preparing food healthier, easier, and so much fun. Foodini is a new generation kitchen appliance promoting cooking with fresh ingredients and healthy eating through the use of food-grade/safe materials. It comes equipped with five re-usable, stainless steel food capsules that enable you to print an unlimited amount of ingredients and prepare all sort of dishes the only limit is your fantasy, really.Thanks to this open capsule model, consumers can place fresh ingredients into their printer and are not forced to buy pre-packaged food capsules, but they can simply use what they have available at home or buy their own local, organic ingredients.Also, you dont have to wait hours for dinner: cooking times range from under a minute to a couple of hours for very complex foods.Foodini encourages healthy eating. Its main purpose is to take on the difficult and time-consuming parts of food preparation that often discourage people from creating homemade food and offer a slightly different proposition to consumers: dont buy pre-processed snacks and meals! Get back to home cooking with fresh ingredients! Well, you werent expecting this from a 3D printing device, were you? Foodinis founders are extremely clear in this regard: it is real food, just 3D printed.You might be wondering: can I buy it? Where? How much will it cost? Well, good news is that yes, you can definitely buy it. Foodini is now in production and can be purchased via the Natural Machines website and soon through select distributors, too. Bad news is that it is available, for now, to select early-access customers only. Natural Machines main focus is professional kitchen users first, but a consumers-ready cooking version will be available for home kitchen users soon.Source : 1

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How 3D Printers Could Reinvent NASA Space Food

A NASA-funded project that aims to transform a 3D printer into a space kitchen could one day reinvent how astronauts eat in the final frontier.

NASA officials confirmed this week that the space agency awarded $125,000 to the Austin, Texas-based company Systems and Materials Research Consultancy (SMRC) to study how to make nutritious and efficientspace foodwith a 3D-printerduring long space missions. The project made headlines this week largely because of the first item on the menu: a3D-printed space pizza.

Future astronauts on deep-space mission will face a host of health and sustenance challenges. A roundtrip from Earth to Mars, for instance, could last several years and require thousands of meals for an astronaut crew. [10 Amazing 3D-Printed Objects]

The current food system wouldnt meet the nutritional needs and five-year shelf life required for a mission to Mars or other long duration missions, NASA officials said in a statement. Because refrigeration and freezing require significant spacecraft resources, current NASA provisions consist solely of individually prepackaged shelf stable foods, processed with technologies that degrade the micronutrients in the foods.

NASA officials said SMRC will explore whether a3D-printedfood system will be able to provide nutrient stability and a wide variety of foods from shelf stable ingredients, while minimizing waste and saving time for space crews.

Engineers at SMRC are apparently envisioning a system that can print dishes using layers of food powders that will have a shelf life of three decades.

The way we are working on it is, all the carbs, proteins and macro and micro nutrients are in powder form, Anjan Contractor, a senior mechanical engineer at SMRC, toldQuartz, which first reported the project. We take moisture out, and in that form it will last maybe 30 years.

Contractor already printed chocolate and now is working on a prototype to print a pizza, according to Quartz. NASA later issued a statement about the Small Business Innovation Research phase I contract that was given to SMRC.

This initial six-month project could lead to a phase II study, but NASA officials said the technology is still years away from being tested on an actual flight.

Besides printing celestial pizza,3D printingcould have other uses in space. Also called additive manufacturing, the technology could allow astronauts to make replacement parts for spacecraft or even extraterrestrial habitats, like alunar base.

NASA recognizes in-space and additive manufacturing offers the potential for new mission opportunities, whether printing food, tools or entire spacecraft, space agency officials said. Additive manufacturing offers opportunities to get the best fit, form and delivery systems of materials for deep space travel.

In a separate project, NASA is planning to launch a 3D printer to the International Space Station to test space manufacturing technology for long-duration missions. That project stems from a partnership between the company Made in Space and NASAs Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala.

Called the3D Printing Zero G Experiment, the test flight will send a Made in Space 3D printer to the space station in 2014 to demonstrate the feasibility of using the technology to construct spare parts and tools from raw materials on a deep-space mission.

Follow on Twitter@Spacedotcom. Were also onFacebookandGoogle+. Original article

Space Food Evolution: How Astronaut Chow Has Changed (Photos)

The 10 Weirdest Things Created By 3D Printing

Megan Gannon, Contributor

Megan previously worked as a writer and editor on the national desk at NewsCore. She has a Bachelors degree in English and art history from New York University. To find out what her latest project is, you can follow Megan onGoogle+.

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3D Figure Printing Photo Booth in Japan

After seeing just how quickly theFormlabs Desktop 3D Printerhit its funding goal on Kickstarter, its quite obvious that consumers have a real interest in 3D printing, and the technology continues to move forward at an alarming rate.

Featured here is an innovation unlike anything we have ever witnessed in what is being called the worlds first 3D printing photo booth. Exactly as the name would suggest, you simply step into a normal photo booth like you would find at your local mall, and rather than printing tiny pictures of you, it will print out tiny 3D figures of yourself. The photo booth is located in Japan, and is currently running through the middle of January. The cost varies right now between $260 on the low end up to $530 on the high end. Of course the price is a bit high, but this is new technology that we are dealing with. Check out some of the 3D figures printed directly from the booth below. [Via]

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DIY cardboard peripheral kit designed for the Switch console.

Top tier charger built for the next generation of smart phones.

Old-school mechanical display with top-notch functionality.

Behemoth camera with insane image-taking capability.

Machine designed to make churn out 1,000s of perfect 16-ounce pours.

Ruggedized external hard drive with up to 1TB of storage.

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Personalizing Your Own 3D Printed Food

Personalizing Your Own 3D Printed Food

For decades there have been fictional shows depicting food that is created instantly in a futuristic machine. Perhaps we can now do this using 3D printers.Click here to read the article.

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Delicious and Nutritious 3D-Printed Food Represents a New Way of Eating

Delicious and Nutritious 3D-Printed Food Represents a New Way of Eating


Delicious and Nutritious 3D-Printed Food Represents a New Way of Eating

These arent your typical, digitally fabricated pizzas and burritos, but living foods that are 3D-printed and naturally mature into delicious edibles through fermentation and photosynthesis. The idea of 3D-printed food doesnt typically conjure up images of healthy, wholesome food; rather, we are more likely to think ofpizzasburritosandchocolate. But can this technology, which is already promising to change themedical prostheticsandbuilding industries, also change the food industry as we know it, while providing the nutrients that everyone needs?

Thats the hope ofChlo Rutzerveld, a designer and recent graduate ofEindhoven University of Technology. Working with additive manufacturing experts, bio-technologists and scientists from the university and from theNetherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research, she has developedEdible Growth, a future food concept for digitally fabricating what she calls healthy and sustainable food, 3D-printed using living organisms like fungi and sprouts. The concept is to print an edible base that also serves as a growth medium for mushrooms and flavorful plant foods, that eventually grow in a healthy and tasty bite-sized morsels.

Heres how these little culinary delights are created: edible layers of seeds, spores and yeast are customized according to taste, and are then digitally printed. Within five days, the plants and spores mature, as well as the yeast, which ferments the solid interior into something more liquid. Prior to consumption, the morsels are allowed to develop naturally, according to the consumers desired flavor intensity.

There is much more reliance on natures processes here, like fermentation and photosynthesis, making Edible Growth an intriguing departure from the junk food offerings that weve already seen being offered by prototypical machines like the pizza-printingFoodiniand theBurritoBot, which have more novelty appeal in forms and colors than true nutritional value. Thats why the Edible Growth project is compelling  it addresses the current lack of nutritious food in the 3D printing industry, proposing something that ardent health food lovers may even warm up to. Because you cant feed the world with pizzas, this approach may eventually become one way ofsolving world hungerand sustainably feeding growing populations on limited resources.

Not only is there potential for better overall nutritional value, there is also potential to completely overhaul and shorten the food industrys supply chain. The edible is printed on-demand, with the precise amount of required raw materials available inside sterile, recyclable packaging. This eliminates the need for vast amounts of arable land, pre-packaging, preservatives, distribution and storage, and there is little to no food waste. Any risk of contamination is minimized by printing the food inside a reusuable package, in a sterile environment with controlled temperatures.

Besides the possibility of overhauling an inefficient and wasteful food system, theres also a bit of gourmet cachet to these living tidbits of mushrooms and watercress, since the combination of tech with living food is nothing like weve seen before. Rutzervelds edibles have received a lot of positive comments on taste and appearance from unsuspecting testers and chefs alike, and shebelievesthat this kind of convergence of technology with gastronomy can open up new avenues of culinary expression and appreciation.

Im very convinced that we can create entirely new products with new production methods that are completely new and surprising, but fully natural and healthy without additives, by just using and combining the enormous amount of knowledge people in different disciplines (chefs, microbiologist, food-technologist, designers) have gathered throughout the years.

We then use new technologies as tools to facilitate or enhance the natural.

Rutzerveld notes that because many people are becoming more aware of what they eat and how it is produced there is a growing demand for pure, natural and healthy food  a product like Edible Growth will catch on in the midst of evolving perceptions of food and health.

Because the product matures at the consumers house and people can harvest their own product at the preferred stage, they become more involved and conscious of the food they eat.

New production methods can make different textures, structures and molecular compositions which might require new ways of eating.

Due to time and funding constraints, the Edible Growth concept remains in research and development, so there is no actual printer yet that will print these living edibles that grow and mature into full-fledged healthy foods at home. Much of the teams testing involved viable seeds, edible breeding grounds, fermentation processes and mushrooms to refine the process. But the idea has struck a chord for those who believe that 3D printing technology will one day transform the way we produce and eat food  hopefully for the healthier. Find out more over atChlo Rutzerveld.

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