3D Filament Project – Quality to make the Difference

In this emerging market many companies all over the world supply 3D filament. Mostly produced by accident or only declared as qualified for 3D printing.

Throughout our 3 years experience we focused on developing a marketable and reliable product, specially designed for 3D printer usage. Not just another plastic rod.

The project team is build by engineers from Germany and China. Their skills in designing and improving 3D printers as well as their knowledge of how to customize chemical polymer products and applications are now combined with the experience of setting up efficient supply chains. The result: now quality comes to the customers. Fast and with competitive prices.

Check this page for further information.

If you need further information just send email . It will be our pleasure to support you.

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Ordered before 15.30h, ships same business day

High quality filaments for the best prices

Always working on new and innovative filaments


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Blue 3D Printing PETG Filaments

The selected price range didnt provide any results

Average customer rating forPETG Blue:

Printing Tips for colorFabb copperFill

colorFabb_HT – Temperature Resistant Filament

PrintaFix Basic – Warp-free Printing Results

Fillamentum PLA Extrafill Turquoise Green

Recreus 70A Filaflex Clear Ultra-Soft

Free Deliveryto United Kingdom from 40.00

We shipgloballytomore than 90 countries

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Credit Card (VISA, Mastercard, Diners Club), Paypal, Cash in Advance, Instant Bank Transfer

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Clean Strands

From recycled coffee grounds and discarded wood chips to wild harvested non-GMO algae, Clean Strands specializes in 3D printing filaments made from natural, sustainable materials that are safe for your health and for the environment.

Clean Strands partners with eco-friendly filament manufacturers, supports scientific research on 3D printing in homes and schools, and encourages dialogue about 3D printing and consumer safety.

3D printing is cool! But we need to ask the tough questions and do everything we can to ensure that 3D printing is safe for everyone!

3D Printing Trends: Clean Air for Professional Printers

Clean air has been a hot topic for consumers using desktop 3D printers in homes, schools and small businesses. As a r…

3D printing and Air Quality: An interview with Dr. Brent Stephens, Ph.D.

In yesterdays post, 3D Printing Stinks! Harmful fumes confirmed in latest research, we urged 3D printer manufacturer…

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Dutch Filaments

TPU98A: Strong, Flexible, Fast & Reliable

• Works on Direct & Bowden style 3D printers

• Printable at speeds of

• Exceptionally high softening point of 138˚C

• FDA / FCA & water contact acceptable

• Resistance to oils, greases and microorganisms

Dutch filamentsaccommodates nearly 100 years of extrusion expertise, innovation in polymers, private label manufacturing and logistics as common ground for our high quality filaments and market approach.

The rapid development of the possibilities and applications in 3D printing using  the FFF or FDM technology

creates a constant demand for new and enhanced polymer based filaments.

We aim to develop, manufacture and market these filaments, offering you as our customer the possibility of distributing our filaments as your own brand.

Below you will find more information on 3 focus areas ofDutch Filamentswhich ultimately result in our

productsand also tell you moreabout us.

Dutch Filamentssells private label filaments through distribution and to printer manufacturers. The benefits to you from selling your own brand are numerous..

Besides our standard colours we offer special colours and colour effects starting from 40kg 10%. The price conditions do depend on the details of your request.

Besides its standard program,Dutch Filamentsdevelops, manufactures and sells special polymer filaments, also on customer request.

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Mass Portal and PrintDry Launching Products to Keep Your 3D Printing Filaments Safe from Moisture

AM Strategies Medical & Dental Summit – Register Now!

The Voice of 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing

3D Printing for Prototyping and Production – October 2017

Beginner Design for 3D Printing – June 2017

Advanced Design for 3D Printing – June 2017

Beginner Design for 3D Printing – April 2017

Advanced Design for 3D Printing – April 2017

Mass Portal and PrintDry Launching Products to Keep Your 3D Printing Filaments Safe from Moisture

bySarah SaundersOct 12, 20173D Printing3D Printing Materials

While its not as sexy as talking about3D printed organs, custom3D printed jewelry, or3D printed cars, finding ways to keep our 3D printing filament dry is a necessary evil. The majority of filaments quickly absorb moisture from the air, and once too much of it builds up, we see the results in failed print jobs. Latvia-based 3D printer manufacturerMass Portalintroduced its new professional-gradefilament dryer product linefor open material printers at the recent TCT Show, and weve since had the chance to learn a little more about it.

The company typically focuses on its line of high-quality Pharaoh 3D printers, but recognized the necessity of properly drying raw printing materials to keep performance issues and cosmetic defects in 3D printed parts to a minimum.

Printing material needs to be properly dried. This is a common practice in plastic processing industry, but so far has been totally ignored by the desktop 3D printing community, Laura Araja, Account Manager for Mass Portal, told .

Mass Portal launched its professionalFilament Dryer FD1last month, a convective rotary desiccant renewal dryer for filaments. The FD1 is compatible with most open material printers currently on the market, and decreases printing defects related to excess moisture, resulting in improved 3D printing process reliability and part quality.

The FD1 comes with custom drying settings, and includes pre-sets for most materials, as well as material pre-heating, cross-winding detection, and front loading. It has both Ethernet and wireless network connection, rotary desiccant renewal drying up to 80C, and touchscreen control, so users can connect to an online materials database and choose the correct drying process for the material they are working with.

Mass Portals FD1 filament dryer is compatible with industry-standard filament spools, in 1.75, 2.85, and 3 mm diameters, up to 1 kg, and even works well with highly moisture-sensitive materials. With most 3D printers, the FD1 has a standalone operation; it can also be fully integrated with the companys Pharaoh series printers.

The filament dryer uses a two-step process to get filament ready for quality 3D printing. First, it dries the filament, and then it feeds it to the printer, keeping it at a stable process temperature the whole time you dont even have to remove the filament from the dryer before the printing process, which keeps out any dust it could pick up from its surroundings.

Canadian 3D printing and scanning company TDL Systems launched asuccessful Kickstarter campaignlast year for a similar product, thePrintDry Filament Dryer, a small appliance that exposes filaments to a consistent flow of hot, dry air that can run for up to 40 continuous hours.PrintDryis trying to fix the moisture problem before it even becomes a problem with its new PrintDry filament containers, nowavailable on Kickstarter.

Anyone who has a 3D printer knows the multiple issues that can arise from a filaments water content, like partially failed prints and unprintable filament. If 3D printing filament spools are not placed in a dry environment, they are unprotected, which decreases printability because they will absorb the moisture thats in the air. Obviously, this doesnt make for a very long shelf life for filaments, which is just a waste of money.

The company is introducing PrintDry Filament Containers, an airtight storage solution for single filament spools that is far better than trying to keep them in Ziploc bags. The clear, plastic containers are very durable, with a wall thickness 10 times thicker than Ziploc, and airtight thanks to four strong clamps and a silicone seal.

Sometimes people try to store multiple spools of filament inside large airtight plastic containers, which is definitely better than storing them in baggies, but it still causes problems with moisture. Each time the container is opened so you can retrieve a spool of filament, moisture-laden air from the outside rushes into the container, which affects the spools still inside; after just a few times of opening the container, the dry air inside is no more. By using PrintDrys single spool Filament Containers, this problem is eliminated.

Each of PrintDrys containers are tested ahead of time in order to ensure that there is low humidity inside, even if they are put in humid environments. Each one comes with several small pouches of desiccant, which PrintDry recommends you regenerate or recharge with its filament dryer once a month.

Retail pricing per container will start at about $10, but right now there are still plenty of Early Bird specials left on Kickstarter you can get a pack of six PrintDry Filament Containers for just CA $48. For a Kickstarter pledge of $168, you can get one PrintDry Filament Dryer, along with a pack of six filament containers, though this reward only ships to certain countries. With over a month left in the Kickstarter campaign, PrintDry has already far surpassed its original goal, so make sure to pledge before all of the Early Bird specials are gone!

To learn more, check out the Kickstarter campaign video:

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Americas 3D Printer Filament Store

Americas 3D Printer Filament Store

If you dont have a thick skin you might just …

The sky is the limit with HoneyComb Drone Sky Blue.  The …

When you think of red you think of roses, fire trucks …

Taulman 645 offers a similar printing experience for those using 618 but has …

it (ABS HoneyComb Drone) seems to bond very well and leaves barely discernible layer lines. I am getting a better surface finish at 200 microns than I was on the same parts at 150.

Ive tested one of the rolls of PLA with amazing results so far, I love the filament

I printed a soap dish a few months ago. Not only has it held up well, but it is dish washer safe and repels mildew. Amazing material! Thank you 3D-Filaments! Salem, VA

Classic Colors Forever

Not even a rainbow has as many bright, vibrant colors as those offered by HoneyCombs new filament line

Why experiment with unproven filaments when you can ensure a perfect print?

Having problems with odor while printing? Check out HoneyComb Drone for a odor-free 3D experience!

Honeycomb Filaments™ is introducing its new Skin Color available in ABS 1.75mm !! Get Free Shipping  when you order 2 rolls or more !! 3D Filaments LLC is your source for top 3D Printer Filaments: ABS PLA PET. Samples are available.

3D-Filaments recently took our 3D printed chess set out to the Roanoke Valley Chess Club, to have the local chess masters give us a test drive. Our set was printed with the popular 3D printer filament Honeycomb Drone ABS.  The color and finish was the first difference players noticed.  Standard chess pieces are off-white to []

Wed like to congratulate Mila Diamond for her campaign in the 2014 National American Miss Pageant!    Up against 99 other girls, Mila took home the Spirit Award for her dancing in the talent portion of the competition.   3D-Filaments is happy to sponsor her in the competition and want to thank her for representing our company []

By the end of the summer instructors from both New River Community College and Patrick Henry Community College plan to have assembled a broad curriculum specializing in additive manufacturing more commonly known as 3D printing.    Jeff Levy, who runs multiple labs for NRCC from its Christiansburg, Virginia campus, says he is teaming []

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A1 Filament launches kickstarter for 3D printer filament

A1 Filament launches kickstarter for 3D printer filament

Polyga meets prosumer demand with new line of HDI Compact 3D scanners

Kodak and Twindom launch 3D scanning booth at CES 2018

SHINING 3D unveils EinScan Discovery and HD Prime Packs at CES 2018

3D printing 10 times cheaper than machining for Moog Aircraft Group

Metal 3D printed engine parts flown on Finnish Air Force F/A-18 Super Hornet

Latcore cuts lead times by 95% with switch to 3D printing

7 billion Melrose takeover bid sends GKN share price soaring, metal powder business in cross-hairs

Danish Technological Institute to open $14.5 million 3D printing facility

GE ups stake in Arcam EBM expands additive manufacturing in Sweden

Manufacturing Technologies Association supports UK Year of Engineering

PrintLab encourages humanities 3D printing with new Classroom portal

Imperial 3D printing report calls for bridge between science and engineering

Interview: Raise3D CEO on how to run a 3D printing business

IDC forecasts worldwide spending on 3D printing to be nearly $12 billion in 2018

The Best 3D printers of 2018? 3D Printing Industry Awards nominations update

Kidney transplant using 3D printing marks a medical first in Belfast

3D Systems completes 100,000 medical cases, deal with Stryker for 3D printed medical models

The Spotify of drugs? Lee Cronins pick and mix 3D printed lab kit

The Leapfrog Bolt Pro 3D printer review

MakePrintable file fixing is a 3D printers best friend

Local Motors receives billion dollar support for Olli 3D printed bus

DNV GL publishes first class guideline for maritime additive manufacturing

The HENSOLDT AM Suite is a mobile, self-sufficient 3D printing cell

A1 Filament launches kickstarter for 3D printer filament

U.S. 3D printing material company A1 Filament has launched its first everKickstarter. The Vermont-based company claims not to be just another filament manufacturer and believes its proprietary production method yields far better results than any other company in the market.

According to A1, many filament companies are resting on their laurels and refusing to further innovate the market or disrupt the status quo. However, having researched materials and software for the past 6 years, A1 expects to provide a superior range of PLA and ABS filaments.

Launching with ABS and PLA filaments, A1 is already working on the next evolution. A1 Filaments Kickstarter promises carbon neutral and bio-compostable materials from the outset. The company are keen to point out that unlike bio-degradable materials, their bio-compostable materials mean that when discarded, even within a year there will be little trace remaining.

Nozzles That Wont Clog  +  Filaments That Wont Blotch  =  High Productivity Without Aggravation.

Whats different about the A1 filaments:

Through research, A1 says it has developed a superior product that will not clog or jam a 3D printer due to variances in A1 Filaments mean diameter. The company has developed its own proprietary production process, including machinery and software which hopes to mitigate current aggravations for 3D printer users.

The A1 filaments promise to provide tolerances as low as 0.03 mm with choice of 20 colors, in 2 different sizes 1.75 mm and 3.0 mm.

$100 2 rolls of 1 kg filament in your choice of standard colors and a set of A1 Filament special edition coffee mugs.

$250 6 rolls of 1 kg filament + choice of a set of 4 of special edition coffee mugs (MSRP $31.95) or set of 4 special edition espresso cups (MSRP $30.95)

$500 12 rolls of 1 kg filament + your choice of a special wood-capped USB set in its custom wood presentation case (MSRP $89.95) OR a limited edition headset (MSRP $99.95)

$750 18 rolls of 1 kg filament + a super headset (MSRP $124.95) or a limited edition desk lamp (MSRP $139.95) OR 6 special edition coffee mugs accompanied by 4 of special edition espresso cups.

$1000 24 rolls of 1 kg filament +  a special headset (MSRP $144.95) OR a limited edition unbelievable umbrella (MSRP $149.95) OR the limited edition desk lamp and 4 of special edition coffee mugs.

The company offers completely free delivery and the Kickstarter will ship to the US and Canada.

As a further incentive the company tells us that they plan to float the company. Once this happens, A1 Filaments promise of a share for every $250 contributed once the company goes public.

More information about theA1 Filaments Kickstarter is available here.

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Featured image shows A1 Filaments 3D printing filament on Kickstarter. Featured image, and all other images, via A1 Filament.

Corey has a keen interest in 3D printing and all tech-related news, as well as the wider impact of additive manufacturing.

PyroGenesis, GKN Hoeganaes, OR Laser answering demand for metal powders for 3D printing

PyroGenesis launches 3D printer materials spinoff for metal powders

AML Technologies adapt WAAM 3D printing for supernova-made metal

Post processing 3D prints as Rösler launches RapidFinish

New Castalite 3D printing resin from Tethon3D can cast and shape molten metal

Polymaker launches Warp-Free nylon 3D printer filaments

Multimaterial 3D printing advances by the pixel with new Neri Oxman patent

Graphite Additive Manufacturing on slashing lead times in SLS 3D printing

3D Printing Canada combines over 300 3D printer filaments with 40 years of experience

3D Concrete Printing Triple S Surface = Structure = Shelter

colorFabb and LEHVOSS release new Low Warp 3D printing filament

Polymaker launches two new TPU-based 3D printing materials

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the Official YaYa3D Site – 3D Printing Pens Plastic Filaments

Uniquely Yours Designed 3D Printing Pen

YaYa3D is all about embracing our uniqueness and our inner spirit animals.

All our 3D Printing Pens are made from durable ABS materials – the same material as LEGO, so its very safe and reliable.

We would make some unique design or artwork of 3D drawing every month and update it into our blog, to show you how amazing the YaYa3D Printing Pen is.

It could be used on 101HERO PYLON 3D Printer too.

Its about 50g weight, which is about 20m length.

This filament could help you to use YaYa 3D Printing Pen draw the best performance items.

Note: If you want to buy these plastic filaments, please buy with YaYa 3D Printing Pen, or at least buy 8 rolls of filament.

The YaYa3D Printing Pen Magic Box is the newest version of YaYa 3D printing pen. Its very easy to use, as long as you know how to use the pen. Its the most stable 3D Printer we ever made, the plastic ink would turn into solid when it came out of the pen.

Two friend are on the boat called Friendship

Dont be afraid to reach out. You + us = awesome.

If you want to do business with us,Plese

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Top Stories

Holding company Plastech buys majority share in Kautex

Two new resin producers join World Plastics Council

Reifenhuser Group acquires extrusion toolmaker EDS

Clariant opens strategically located new masterbatch production site in Saudi Arabia

Solvay becomes EMFs global partner for chemical sector

German specialty additive company buys Hexions additives business

Kaneka to expand polyolefin foam production in Belgium

McDonalds aims for greener packaging

Fischer renamed Rchling Industrial Laupheim GmbH

Petainer joins partnership to help beer industry in Japan

Clariant launches 3D printing business for tailor-made filaments

Shahrzad Pourriahi, Plastics News Europe

Clariant logo printed with 3D printing filaments from the company

Swiss speciality chemicals company Clariant AG has launched a dedicated 3D printing business to meet the growing demand for the fast-changing additive manufacturing markets for 3D printer filaments.

The Muttenz-based company announced 6 Dec that the new business aimed at supplying customised & professional 3D printer filaments with extensive colour options and features for the additive manufacturing (AM) market.

The 3D printing business will leverage Clariants experience in tailoring polymers for end market applications with pigments, additives and masterbatches in producing high-grade, 3D printer filaments and specially made solutions.

Clariant said with its material, application and production expertise, it would work closely with customers on polymer, additive and colorant selection to address typical end-use conditions such as weathering, flame retardancy and electrical properties.

The 3D printing materials, manufactured by Clariant, are available in flexible lot sizes to meet the specific needs of customers.

According to the 2017 report by Terry Wohlers Associates, a leading consulting firm and authority on additive manufacturing and 3D printing, AM is growing at a rapid pace globally, with over 28% average annual growth for each of the last 7 years, and generating a total of $6.063bn in sales in 2017.

At Clariant we have all the capabilities to produce high-grade ready-to-print 3D printer filaments, said Richard Haldimann, head of New Business Development of Clariant.

According to Haldimann, the existing Clariant production infrastructure will provide a global footprint for its 3D printing business.

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