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The kitchen in the Cleary University Wellness Center in Howell, Mich., was built with Clearys vision, and through the kindness of the Ted and Jane Von Voigtlander Foundation and the NSF International Foundation. Learn all about it by clicking the headline above….

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Foodini 3D






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Foodini ڼҡӡʳ_¶̬_Ѷ_Աֲ

Foodini ڼҡӡʳ_¶̬_Ѷ_Աֲ


ڵã Foodini ڼҡӡʳ


dz˾ Natural Machines һ 3D ʳӡ Foodiniøֳɷӡʳɿ⽣ֻҪġ

Foodini ΪһĿΪǽʡֹʳʱ䣬̡ӵ죬Ϊʳṩܡ


˾ϯӪ Lynette Kucsma BBC ʾ

ѰԵĸճʳ⽵Foodini װΪͿܻԵ

˾ϣ Foodini տͨijʽۼۿΪ 1000 ŷԪʱᷢۡ

ͼ Il Sole 24 Ore ͼ Designboom

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Natural MachinesFoodini can 3D-print anything ֱӡӡʳ

Natural MachinesFoodini can 3D-print anything …

Natural MachinesFoodini can 3D-print anything ֱӡӡʳ

Natural MachinesFoodini can 3D-print anything

As further proof that you can now 3D-print anything, a company called Natural Machines has introduced a 3D printer for food.

The Foodini, as its called, isnt too different from a regular 3D printer, but instead of printing with plastics, it deploys edible ingredients squeezed out of stainless steel capsules: Its the same technology, says Lynette Kucsma, co-founder of Natural Machines, but with plastics theres just one melting point, whereas with food its different temperatures, consistencies and textures. Also, gravity works a little bit against us, as food doesnt hold the shape as well as plastic.

At the Web Summit technology conference in Dublin, the Barcelona-based startup is showing off the machine, which it says is the only one of its kind capable of printing a wide range of dishes, from sweet to savoury.

In essence, this is a mini food manufacturing plant shrunk down to the size of an oven, Kucsma said, pointing out that at least in the initial stage the printer will be targeted mostly at professional kitchen users, with a consumer version to follow, at a projected retail price of around $1,000.

In principle, the Foodini sounds like the ultimate laziness aid: press a button to print your ravioli. But Natural Machines is quick to point out that its designed to take care only of the difficult and time-consuming parts of food preparation that discourage people from cooking at home, and that it promotes healthy eating by requiring fresh ingredients prepared before printing.

Nevertheless, the company is working with major food manufacturers to create pre-packaged plastic capsules that can just be loaded into the machine to make food, even though they assure these will be free of preservatives, with a shelf life limited to five days.

The printing process is slow, but faster than regular 3D printing. Other than being capable of creating complex designs, such as very detailed cake decorations or food arranged in unusual shapes, the Foodini can be useful for recipes that require precision and dexterity, like homemade pizza or filled pasta.

Currently, the device only prints the food, which must be then cooked as usual. But a future model will also cook the preparation and produce it ready to eat.

The idea also comes with a social element too. Theres a touchscreen on the front that connects to a recipe site in the cloud, so its an internet-of-things, connected kitchen appliance, said Kucsma. Users will also be able to control the device remotely using a smartphone, and share their recipes with the community.

һȻNatural MachinesĹ˾Դӡʳ3DӡƺҪһ֤3Dӡ

̨FoodiniĻͨ3Dӡ𲻴󣬵ԭϲϣǽʳĵ״װɾĸƽҺͨҺʳĴӡȻ˾Ĵ֮һء˹Lynette KucsmaʾFoodiniʹõļ3DӡһͬǣӡϵĻֻһ۵㣬ӡʳĻҪͬ۵Ӧͬ¶ȡճȺʳʡҲһֵܼ⣬Ϊ״ʳﲻ









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3Dʳӡ ״ӡʳ(ͼ

1230յ ýȻ˾(Natural Machines)һ3Dʳӡ󺹵ǰɾʳƷ










Ȩ Ȩ ֹ ʹ

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ۼ1000ԪFoodini 3DʳӡڳKickstarter

: 3Dӡ ǵǺܿܽһʳֲӡҪ״start-up Natural Machines ˾ոƳķFoodini ԭ3DӡԲһϵĸʳƷ Ȼڲ …

3Dӡ ǵǺܿܽһʳֲӡҪ״start-up Natural Machines ˾ոƳķFoodiniԭ3DӡԲһϵĸʳƷ ȻڲܴӡҪ״FoodiniܹӡȣһԲװһȵĹ ܹӡ͵ʵʣӪʳƷ⽣ţ…߲˺⣩ʦըɣɣɿ⣬ɿ

start-up Natural Machines ˾ȥʮFoodiniʳƷ3Dӡƻ ʳ3DʳӡǵijҪȴһʱˣҪ20151²ܵõǵFoodini 3Dӡ

Foodini 3Dӡӵ һṩڴӡʳƷûôһûѡҪӡӳشûƽԡʼDZԵȣ䷽ Foodini 3DӡָʾÿʳģȻܿʼӡ

Foodini 3DӡڳKickstarter׼10Ԫ Kickstarter֧߿ԴӵһģõFoodini 3Dӡļ۸Ϊ999ԪۼԤΪ1300ԪԹFoodini 3Dӡյ400ĶҪ˹ͱŷҡ ˾ʾʼ


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Foodini Machine Promises to 3-D Print Dinner

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Foodini Machine Promises to 3-D Print Dinner

3D Printing: Make Something From Nothing

Spending hours in the kitchen may be a thing of the past once the fabulous Foodini goes on sale.

The sleek silver machine uses 3-D printing technology to turn fresh ingredients into decadent meals in a way that almost seems like magic.

A prototype of the Foodini was made by Barcelona-based Natural Foods. The company is now trying to raise money onKickstarterto manufacture its first run of the printers.

Raviolis, pizza, burgers and shaped crackers are among the culinary possibilities that the makers of the Foodini say the machine can make.

The Foodini works by having owners fill up food capsules with real ingredients that are then inserted into the printer.

The foods can be whipped up in a matter of minutes and are ready to eat if theyre made from pre-cooked ingredients.

The company has so far raised almost half of its $100,000 goal on Kickstarter.

Kitchen connoisseurs who donate $2,000 go to the front of the line to get a Foodini, which could be in their homes as early as October, according to the companys Kickstarter.

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This Machine Lets You 3-D Print Your Dinner

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The future is Foodini An interview with Natural Machines

The future is Foodini: An interview with Natural Machines

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The future is Foodini: An interview with Natural Machines

Imagine having quick, easy access to some of your favorite snacks and dishes without harmful additives, preservatives and foreign chemicals that you cant pronounce. Its comforting to think that in the future we wont have to compromise our health to get quick meals and we wont have to give up our time to get satisfying, healthy meals. Headquartered in Barcelona, Natural Machines is developing a groundbreaking device to ensure that someday everyone can have access to quick meals made with fresh ingredients right in their homes. We recently sat down with Lynette Kucsma, the co-founder of Natural Machines, to talk about their innovative new product, Foodini, and the companys imminent revolution of the food industry. Watch the video below and continue reading for more information about Natural Machines latest innovation.

After noticing the ongoing problem in the food industry with the proliferation of processed and packaged foods, makers at Natural Machines worked hard to offer a solution that would give people the option to quickly process healthy, organic products in their own homes and on their own time. With Foodini, a next level 3D food printer, Natural Machines have essentially developed a local manufacturing appliance. Making the case that most processed foods are essentially 3D printed on industrial machines as it is, the makers of Foodini believe that a 3D printing kitchen appliance is simply the next logical step in the industry.

We think Foodini can be a kitchen revolution similar to how the microwave did it back in the 70s, says Kucsma of the new product. Joining the team as co-founder in mid 2013, Kucsma has worked in the technology industry from startups to Fortune 500 all around the world for almost two decades. Coming to Natural Machines from a previous position at Microsoft, she possesses just the right amount of industry knowledge combined with an eye for healthy consumption and nutrition to pioneer a device that uses technology to promote sustainable living. With Foodini, developers hope to get people back into their own kitchen and away from processed and packaged foods by giving them a way to make healthy foods from scratch in a time-saving, easy manner.

Technology mixed with food makes for a great dish

Take a moment to imagine a few fresh ingredients in your fridge are a couple days away from going off. Detecting this, a device similar to Foodini suggests recipes that you can quickly prepare with these ingredients based on your personal eating habits and previous dishes, ultimately eliminating food waste. This is the kind of forward-thinking technology that the Foodini hopes to bring to the market in the very near future. The kitchen will get smarter, says Kucsma of Foodinis potential. As a connected device meaning it is connected to the Internet Foodini gives users accessibility to a wide range of recipes from the devices built-in touchscreen or even laptops, tablets and mobile phones. The device also has the potential to connect with wearable technology that tracks fitness such as smart watches, allowing for an appliance that is truly customizable to individual nutrition and health.

Aside from its innovative connectivity, Foodini stands out from other 3D food printers for many other reasons. One of its most exciting features is its ability to print with a wide range of fresh ingredients. Developers have managed to give users true freedom in their culinary creations by giving Foodini an open capsule system. This simply means that by using the five stainless steel capsules shipped with each printer, users can easily print foods with multiple ingredients and at different temperatures (the capsules can be heated) for an end product that is fresh, simple, and does not compromise taste.

Additionally, Foodini was initially developed as a kitchen appliance as opposed to a 3D printer. Made with food-grade and safe materials, the Foodini is designed to look like the average kitchen tool and measures to about the size of a microwave. Foodini also features a simple, sleek design that would blend seamlessly into any kitchen and can withstand the wear and tear of daily use just like any other appliance on your countertop.

Although the team at Natural Machines hope to market Foodini as a common kitchen appliance in the future, the product is currently being marketed toward professional kitchen users before expanding to consumers and the general public. Eventually, Foodini will appear on every kitchen counter as an essential alternative to damaging, processed foods. Additionally, Kucsma tells us that the team is also developing a feature that will enable Foodini to cook food in addition to printing them. Until then, Foodini is only available to select early-access clients, who will act as crucial testers in the overall implantation of the product. Foodini is scheduled to be released between late 2016 and early 2017, and will be priced at approximately $2,000 (1520). While an expensive price tag for a household appliance, Kucsma assures us that this is highly reasonable for a 3D printer and for the amount of time the Foodini will save users.

Of course, the developers of Foodini do not wish to replace the expertise and artistry of professional chefs or basic cooking skills. They believe that Foodini will become an important tool in the kitchen arsenal, just like a steak knife or a stove. In the end, Kucsma tells us, chefs are still the ones putting together the tasty ingredients and recipes that run through Foodini, and nothing will surpass the precision of human touch. Foodini is simply meant to further simplify the cooking process in similar ways that previous appliances like the oven have done. While the Foodini may eventually become a customizable alternative to vending machines, it will not completely industrialize the art of cooking.

To learn more about Foodini and its applications, please visit theNatural Machines website. The company is already in secret talks with many big food industry partners and has teamed up with several Michelin-star rated chefs to test their innovative product. Be sure to stay tuned on 3D Print
ing Industry for any updates from this exciting product.

Alicia Miller is a culture writer from New York dedicated to all things creative. Her studies in media have immersed her in the digital world, although she prefers to spends her free time reading classic literature.

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2014-04-01 07:59Դ˵


ĿǰFoodiniڳվKickstarterļ̨3Dӡʽ(ʵϰ룺 ޱ)

3Dӡ ɿͷ3Dӡǹ


ȫ֧3Dӡǹ ƥʵ

3Dӡ 3Dӡȫ˼

3Dӡֱչ ѹɱ

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