Some concepts and misunderstandings in mobile phone purchase

Mobile phone technology continues to advance, various parameters are constantly refreshed every day, and the new term that comes one after another is even more unclear – fortunately, the mobile phone does not have a Guinness record, otherwise it will be a mess.

About the screen

For the mobile phone screen, what are you most concerned about – 260,000 colors? Still the screen size? In fact, when we purchase the machine, we should pay attention to the following four parameters: material, color number, resolution, size, let us know one by one:

Material: In terms of screen material, the most common ones are TFT and STN. Generally speaking, the former has a significantly better display effect than the latter. In addition, based on STN technology, Samsung developed an exclusive UFB screen, all indicators are better than ordinary STN, but it is still difficult to compete with TFT.

Color number: The common “65536 color” and “260,000 colors” on the leaflet are actually the number of hair color. In theory, the higher the number of hair color, the richer the color of the display, the better the effect, but in fact, you can’t rely on this parameter all the time, because even if the number of hair color is the same between different models, the display effect and style will be different, 65536 colors. It’s not surprising that it’s better than the 260,000-color effect, because it also involves resolution, material, size and other factors. The specific choice should be viewed on your own.

Resolution: For resolution, there is a clear conclusion: the higher the better. Because the higher the resolution, the finer and clearer the picture, such as Panasonic’s VS, MX, SA series models, all have QVGA (240 × 320 pixels) resolution, and the brightness is up to 300 lumens (1 lumen is equal to 1 candle Brightness), the effect is first class. In addition, the Nokia N90 has a resolution of 352 × 416 pixels, the level of detail is amazing.

Size: The size is not the bigger the better. At the same resolution, the larger the size, the rougher the display, and the larger the screen must have a high resolution to achieve excellent results. Comprehensive material, color number, resolution and size 4 key points, we can find that only 4 people reach the balance, in order to get the best display effect, the single parameter highlights does not make much sense, plus the feeling of field observation In order to choose the most satisfactory model.

About ringtones

Speaking of ringtones, I believe everyone will think of chords, but the number of high chords does not mean high sound quality, and the two cannot be equated. The number of chords is just how many tracks the phone can express in the same piece of music. The sound quality is related to many aspects, such as ringtone chips, speakers, audio sources, etc. Now many manufacturers like to boast of the number of chords, but it is just a blind eye. The most important thing is to feel the actual effect, whether the sound is pleasant, whether there is a popping sound, whether the stereo is rich, the volume is enough, and so on. In addition, the phone’s ringtone settings should also pay attention to, such as whether you can freely change the SMS ringtone, whether the number of downloaded ringtones is limited, whether the ringtone placed on the memory card can be directly called, and so on.

About MP3

Due to the popularity of MP3, the role of polyphonic ring tones has gradually faded. For the understanding of MP3 functions, we must clearly understand whether the mobile phone supports MP3 ringtones and MP3 playback – whether MP3 can be used as SMS, whether the MP3 ringtone on the memory card can be directly called. If you use MP3 to play MP3, you need to know the built-in player. The function, whether it supports loop, list, random play, whether to support equalizer selection, whether there are AB repeat, appearance selection, 3D surround, bass boost and other advanced features.

More importantly, to know if the machine supports background playback, if you can listen to songs and send text messages, it is naturally best. When the background is played, whether the response speed of the mobile phone is affected is also a problem that needs attention. If you only see ambiguous words like “support MP3 features” in the flyer, you should pay more attention.

About shooting

Mobile phone photography has recently become a popular term – auto focus. Ordinary mobile phone cameras generally use fixed-focus technology. Although the cost and technical threshold are low, there are obvious drawbacks. For example, close-range shooting is difficult to obtain clear imaging, and it is more difficult to obtain macro capability. Autofocus automatically measures the distance of the subject to achieve precise focus, regardless of the distance or macro, to maintain the sharpness of the subject, which is much more advanced than the fixed focus lens. Focus technology is already standard in traditional cameras and digital cameras.

Another place that has to be noticed is interpolation. The principle of interpolation is not to be introduced. Simply put, the photo is enlarged by a specific algorithm, but at the expense of image quality. For example, Sony Ericsson K700, Mitsubishi M800, M900 and other models can obtain higher-pixel photos through interpolation technology. Of course, the picture quality will also decrease.

About memory

Memory has always been a lot of “catty” places, summed up, there are probably the following four points –

1, the name is not true: the difference between the official parameters and the actual situation is different, usually we say 1024KB = 1MB, but for the convenience of calculation, many manufacturers are more willing to treat 1000KB as 1MB, so the actual results will be different, such as many standards A phone that weighs 64MB of memory is actually only 60MB available.

2, fish in troubled water: Some models claim to have 128MB of memory, but actually only 20MB for users to use, why is the gap so huge? Because other parts of the memory space is used for the storage of system files and curing resources (built-in wallpaper ringtones, etc.), it should not be used for other purposes, just like a computer, after installing Windows, the hard disk space is reduced a lot, but not Install the operating system, can the computer be used? No. Therefore, it is a matter of course to fish in troubled waters.

3. Independently allocate or share resources: The memory space of some mobile phones is fixedly allocated, for example, 30MB for pictures, photos and ringtones, 4MB for JAVA, 1MB for MMS, etc., which is less allocated for users. The freedom of other mobile phones is based on the design of shared resources. For example, the total memory is 82MB. You can put all 82MB into MP3, and you can freely assign functions to each other. The space allocation is more user-friendly.

4, stealing dragons and turns to phoenix: MB is the abbreviation of MByte, meaning “megabytes”, but some manufacturers will deceive users do not understand, but the concept of “MBit” is stolen, so that the memory capacity is mad It has risen 8 times, but it has not helped the actual application. It is extremely horrible. Fortunately, this situation is only a very small number.

About the battery

On the battery side, we only need to clarify a concept: the nominal standby time is only a reference. Why do you say that? Because this value is tested by the manufacturer in the most ideal environment, it has almost no practical value and can only be used as a reference. In addition, although the mobile phone battery capacity is higher, the standby time is directly related to the environment, signal, frequency of use, and usage. The flexibility is very large, so the real use time still needs to be verified by yourself.

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How to choose a satisfactory mobile phone battery

How to choose a mobile phone battery that you can satisfy is a problem that many consumers are concerned about now, because in addition to the mobile phone itself, the most important accessory should be regarded as a battery. Mobile phone battery as a mobile phone’s energy accessories, its quality directly affects your work efficiency and business opportunities, when buying mobile phone batteries, you should pay attention to the following issues:

l. When the battery is used with the mobile phone, it should be tight and not obstructed.

2. Put the battery into the mobile phone. After turning on the phone, shake the battery with a little force. The phone should not be disconnected due to poor contact.

3. The appearance of the battery plastic case should be clean, without scratches and stains.

4. The surface of the battery contact piece should not have long rust or peeling off of the plating layer.

5. Pay attention to the battery should be able to boot normally on the phone and charge and discharge on the charger.

6. The type of the model and the battery capacity should be clearly stated.

7. Choose a reputable seller to buy, and have a clear after-sales service commitment.

8. Pay attention to the anti-counterfeiting label and carefully identify it in case you buy a counterfeit product.

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