How to choose a satisfactory mobile phone battery

How to choose a mobile phone battery that you can satisfy is a problem that many consumers are concerned about now, because in addition to the mobile phone itself, the most important accessory should be regarded as a battery. Mobile phone battery as a mobile phone’s energy accessories, its quality directly affects your work efficiency and business opportunities, when buying mobile phone batteries, you should pay attention to the following issues:

l. When the battery is used with the mobile phone, it should be tight and not obstructed.

2. Put the battery into the mobile phone. After turning on the phone, shake the battery with a little force. The phone should not be disconnected due to poor contact.

3. The appearance of the battery plastic case should be clean, without scratches and stains.

4. The surface of the battery contact piece should not have long rust or peeling off of the plating layer.

5. Pay attention to the battery should be able to boot normally on the phone and charge and discharge on the charger.

6. The type of the model and the battery capacity should be clearly stated.

7. Choose a reputable seller to buy, and have a clear after-sales service commitment.

8. Pay attention to the anti-counterfeiting label and carefully identify it in case you buy a counterfeit product.

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