It turned out to be “looking beautiful”?Look at the phone three big injuries

If someone asks you what is currently the most popular consumer electronics, mobile phones are definitely one of them. Because of the hot sale of mobile phones, major manufacturers are constantly introducing new models and new technologies, racking their brains to attract consumers’ attention. Today’s mobile phone market can be described as fierce competition and bloody winds. It seems to be constantly updated in terms of styling and function. The frequency of changes in fashion trends is gradually accelerating. Every month or even every week, there will be a lot of us in front of us. Bright product.

In general, the current mobile phone is not just a simple communication tool. From the perspective of styling, it has been combined with fashionable fashion accessories to show people’s personality everywhere, and from In terms of functions, today’s mobile phones are already a network terminal integrating communication, entertainment, shooting, business and other functions. With the development of mobile communication networks, we have reason to believe that mobile phones will have more room for development. However, mobile phone design continues to innovate and mobile phone functions are more comprehensive, but one word seems to gradually disappear from our minds, that is, “humanization”, in a more popular way: it is not easy to use.

“Technology is people-oriented” is the design tenet of a famous mobile phone brand. The author believes that this sentence is also very necessary. At present, many manufacturers are pursuing personalized styling and first-class functions in mobile phone design, but they are gradually losing their humanity. Value. This may be able to get a moment of glory, but in the first time in the appearance and parameters of the consumer’s trust, but with the extension of the use of time, some of the drawbacks of the design will be exposed, some so-called first-class features will be abandoned In this way, the manufacturer will lose a “loyal customer”, and the space for development will be swallowed step by step. So, what are the contradictions between the development of mobile phones and the design of humanity? In the following article, the author will use the typical example of the market to elaborate.

The price of “ultra-thin”

What is the most popular type of mobile phone in terms of styling? I believe many readers will answer in unison: ultra-thin. The NEC N900 is the first ultra-thin model in the true sense. It is really jaw-dropping in terms of styling, but the sales situation is not ideal, and it has not brought much influence to the NEC brand. In addition to the incredible price positioning, more importantly, because manufacturers are too eager to pursue ultra-thin design, it causes many drawbacks of the product itself, which brings inconvenience to everyone’s use. With the launch of the Motorola V3, there was another ultra-thin storm in the market.

Although some ultra-thin models that are currently on the market have made great progress in design compared to the first generation, there are still some unhumanized treatments. This is more due to some limitations of the ultra-thin machine itself, the most prominent of which is the grip feel and keyboard operation comfort. According to the current development of mobile phone technology, many components inside the fuselage have been very streamlined, and it is not realistic to spend more cost to provide more “fine” technology like the CPU field. That is to say, the inherent volume of components in mobile phones is already very large. It is difficult to compress, if you want to reduce the thickness of the fuselage, it is necessary to increase the length and width of the fuselage. The ultra-thin models that are designed have an obvious feature that is wide and flat. Let’s pay attention to some of the current ultra-thin. It is easy to find the above features on the model, which causes a lot of inconveniences in people’s grip and operation, especially for some users with smaller hand types.

What worries me more is that many smart products are now playing with ultra-thin slogans. I don’t think this is necessary, because with the improvement of smart phone functions, more components will be added, but many manufacturers. But still compress it in a limited thickness, the fuselage naturally becomes a flat plate, not to mention the operation, it is more difficult to hold it in the hand. In addition, because the smartphone is running, the CPU, memory and battery heat inside the fuselage are relatively large, and the ultra-thin body is not conducive to the heat dissipation of the components. The long use time will affect the performance of the whole machine.

In addition to the poor grip, the keyboard is also an inevitable drawback of many ultra-thin models. Due to the further compression of the thickness of the body, the keystrokes of the buttons are naturally shortened, which makes the keyboard feel of the ultra-thin machine generally easy. It is hard, and it will feel uncomfortable to operate the finger for a long time. If you are a “believing person”, you will have a deeper understanding.

In general, today’s ultra-thin mobile phone market is more of a stage where many manufacturers show their strength. For consumers, perhaps ultra-thin machines can make you the focus of everyone, but for the mobile phone itself. There is not much benefit to the user’s own operation. Everyone’s blind worship of ultra-thin makes many mobile phone manufacturers lose the rational thickness of the compressor. In the past, the words “ergonomics” were occasionally seen in the mobile phone market. Now it’s almost extinct. It’s a great pity. Everyone is slowly forgetting the humanized design of the phone’s shape. I don’t want one day. The former “hand” machine left from our “hand”.

“All-round machine” worries

At the beginning of the article, the author said that the current mobile phone is no longer a simple communication tool, it has slowly brought together many popular electronic products. Of course, such changes can make everyone’s life more convenient. But looking back and thinking about it, is such a mobile phone really suitable for our lives? Do we really need such an “all-round machine”? Can they really replace other products? Is such a mobile phone really as perfect as the advertisement? A series of question marks emerged in the author’s mind.

First of all, the increase in functions will definitely make the operation of mobile phones more complicated. Nowadays, many products are a bit awkward in terms of control. One of the more obvious examples is the introduction of QWERTY keyboards in the field of smart phones. Is this a humanized design? The introduction of this kind of keyboard is more convenient for everyone to input text, but due to the limitation of the size of the mobile phone body, the QWERTY keyboard area is also compressed in a very embarrassing situation. The two-hand operation is not realistic. One-handed operation often has a wide range of finger movements and is prone to fatigue. In addition, one of the more important points is that the QWERTY keyboard is more convenient for English input, but not very helpful for Chinese character input. In addition, many traditional keyboard models are also well done in Chinese character input method. Therefore, the advantage of the QWERTY keyboard can not be fully utilized, and this design has become a “chicken rib”. The author is more optimistic about the full-screen touch operation mode, and everyone is more intuitive to operate.

In addition to the smart phones mentioned above, music and shooting mobile phones are also hot spots in the current mobile phone market. In these two areas, the author believes that the main drawbacks are the incomplete development of functions, which makes users very inconvenient in implementing some functions. First of all, let’s talk about the music model. Let’s not let go of the music playback effect. Take a look at the related functions. Background playback is the primary problem that plagues many so-called music phones. Even some well-known brands can’t realize the background playback of MP3 functions. It will make the mobile phone lose its original duties while listening to music. This kind of function is not worth mentioning. In addition, even if you support MP3 background playback, there are many unreasonable designs on how to deal with this call. For example, if some products come in when listening to songs, MP3 will automatically turn off instead of mute. After the call ends, the user will be closed. It is necessary to re-enter the music menu to enable the music playback function instead of automatically continuing playback, which invisibly increases the user’s operating frequency.

In the field of shooting mobile phones, the author believes that many manufacturers have misinterpreted the fundamental intention of taking pictures with mobile phones. What you need is a LOMO-like feeling of randomness. It can record some feelings of the soul in an instant, without necessarily squatting every day. The cameras travel through the streets like professional photographers. At present, many shooting models have many functions and complicated settings. They will not be able to complete the shooting function for a while, and more importantly, some of the self-proclaimed “professional” shooting models are very expensive, and they all catch up with a SLR digital camera. This is totally inconsistent with the value that a mobile phone should have.

Battery: Unbearable pain

With the improvement of mobile phone functions, one of the most important constraints is the battery. In addition, the current ultra-thin wind is prevalent, and the mobile phone has a powerful function while also having a longer standby time, in addition to the power saving of its own system. In addition to the ability, battery capacity is the most fundamental determinant. Under normal circumstances, the battery capacity is proportional to the battery size, which is in contradiction with the ultra-thin development direction of the mobile phone. In the case that the contradiction cannot be reconciled, most manufacturers have given up the standby time to select the function, which makes users of many such models have to endure the daily charging troubles. Of course, if you have sufficient funds, you can solve a few spare batteries. However, the original battery with a price of several hundred is not affordable for every consumer. At present, the quality of many domestic batteries cannot be guaranteed.

Nowadays, the mobile phone function on the surface is still in need of more mature technology support. At present, many manufacturers are more likely to be “overlord”, which is likely to cause such defects and defects. Perhaps users can work on a single aspect. Satisfied, but not as good as the overall practicality. And often powerful products, the price is too high, and completely does not match the true value.

Written at the end

From the overall development trend of the current mobile phone market, no matter the shape or function, the personalization is obviously stronger than humanization. However, the author believes that the ease of use, quickness and simplicity, and comfort should be one of the prerequisites for manufacturers to design new products. New mobile phone products are emerging one after another. On average, a new mobile phone is listed every week. The thoughts and unexpected ones appear on the mobile phone. And mobile phone manufacturers? “The crowds are battling” and “the ambush is on the surface”, and mobile phone products are constantly being updated. This makes the players who play the game “have passed a lot of addiction”, while the mobile phone consumers are becoming more rational, no longer pursuing high-end high prices, fashion and practical love. Humanized mobile phones are the products that enterprises must strive for. The personalization of mobile phones is to be created jointly by players and merchants. How to combine the two organically is a major issue facing major mobile phone manufacturers. Related articles china mobile.html

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